Safe Workers

Staff Zone is dedicated to safety. We believe that when our employees are properly communicated with, equipped, and motivated, safety is maintained. Our seven-point safety management system effectively promotes our commitment to safety and our workers’ adherence to critical safety measures as well as our safety motto – “If it’s not safe, DON’T DO IT.”

In addition, our employees are celebrated for working safely. Local Staff Zone branches hold regular safety parties and give prizes to individual workers who have met specified safety requirements and goals.



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Brunswick, GA – Pizza Party!


Denver, CO – Enjoying the weather with a cookout.


Marietta, GA – All kinds of sandwiches!


Nashville, TN – A spaghetti feast.   “Always protect your noodle!  Wear a hard hat!”


Raleigh, NC – Hot Dog Feast!!!


Jacksonville, FL – Fired up for safety with a cookout


Dallas, TX – A cookout with pudding, music and dancing


Durham, NC – A Deli Feast!


Orlando, FL – Celebrating safety even “way down south”


Austin, TX – “Stay Alert.  Don’t get Hurt”


Fort Worth, TX – Celebrating with a Safety Shakeup


Birmingham, AL – Workers enjoyed the party and realized how much better Staff Zone is!


Savannah, GA – Celebrated with a Safety Photo Booth


Huntsville, AL – Summertime Safety


Greensboro, NC – Awesome workers enjoy hot pizza and cold drinks.

Greensboro Greensboro2


Columbia, SC – Pizza!


Doraville, GA –  Cookout!


Columbus, GA – Starting off the day with “Remember: Safety First, Safety Always”


Augusta, GA – “Beat the Heat” cookout celebrating over 400 days of ZERO accidents.


Charleston, SC – National Hot Dog day celebrated with “Safety is our Bullseye” theme


Plano, TX – Safety is Teamwork!


Charleston, SC – Party for Safety!


Charlotte, NC – “Lookout!  It’s a cookout for safety!”


East Point, GA – Safety cookout


Tampa, FL – Cookout in the heat of the south!


Richmond, VA – Cookout and Trivia




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Savannah, GA – Spring into Safety!  A party with a nice spaghetti meal.


Charleston, SC – Celebrating safety with a hardy breakfast of sausage egg &cheese croissants, biscuits, French toast and pancake sausage sticks,  muffins, cheese danish, coffeecake, coffee and drinks.


Dallas, TX – “Know Safety = No Pain”.  Workers were treated to burgers, chips, cookie and cupcakes. 


Tampa, FL – You can’t beat a good sandwich!  Cold cuts, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, and drinks were enjoyed.


 Columbia, SC – Donuts, coffee and safety talk to start the day.

Augusta, GA – A cookout and a great theme of “Hands on Safety,” which went hand-in-hand with this week’s safety phrase “The key to safety is in your hands.” 


Greenville, SC – Workers celebrated “March Madness” Safety with homemade breakfast items:  breakfast casseroles,  grits, homemade biscuits(strawberry and grape jelly),  breakfast quiche with turkey sausage, doughnuts, coffee, OJ and apple juice.


Raleigh, NC – Spring has sprung!  Business is busier and weather is hotter.  Talk of staying safe was a hot topic while workers were treated to hot dogs with all the fixin’s.


Birmingham, AL – “Taco ’bout our Safety”  Workers enjoyed a homemade taco bar and cookies.


Richmond, NC – Think Safety Everyone!!! Pizza party!


Durham, NC – Burgers and dog and all the good stuff for a cookout.

Nashville, TN – Krispy Kreme donuts and juice were served because in Nashville they “Donut” take safety for granted.


Austin, TX – “No time to Siesta, it’s time to Fiesta for SAFETY!!” was the theme of this party with Jamie’s Enchiladas, Brency’s family recipe of Mexican Rice and Rose’s  famous Beans and Chips and Queso.

Atlanta, GA – Having fun in the “Safety Zone”

LaGrange, GA – New branch promoting “Safety First” to our new workers. 

Doraville, GA  – A party with hot dogs, beans, chips, and cookies.

Huntsville, AL – Workers were treated to cheeseburgers, beans, slaw and he best baked potato salad!

Orlando, FL – “Mardi Gras to safety”

Plano, TX – a GREAT first Safety Party!

Greensboro, NC – A great cook-out complete with all the fixins!

Charlotte, NC -“I PITY THE FOOL… WHO DONT BE SAFE!”  This was the theme for an April Fool’s Day safety party.

Charleston, SC -Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, potato salad, waters and sodas were served.  The workers brought their families with them and the children were able to enjoy some outside activities such as hula hoops, football, and bubbles. The party was used to get new recruits as well!

Fort Worth, TX – Hot dogs, queso, chili, chips, cookies banana pudding, and fruit punch.

Denver, CO -“The domino effect, when you get one injury, that’s when the others start coming”  This message was served with Dominos pizza! 


2016 SECOND QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES (click on pictures for full images)

Tampa, FL – Church’s chicken, cooling towels and gift cards made this a great party!



Raleigh, NC – A cookout with emphasis on heat safety.



Orlando, FL – “Aloha to Safety” was the theme for a Hawaiian party



Charlotte, NC – “Don’t Gamble on Safety” was the theme for this party.  A superintendent from Edifice joined the fun.



Austin, TX – Made to order subs and sides were much appreciated by the work crew.


Charleston 2, SC – “Keeping Cool For The Summer” was the theme, served with Pizza,Pasta, Breadsticks , Chips, Water and Soda and 2 $20 gift cards.



Augusta, GA – Ladder Safety was promoted along with hot pizzas and cold drinks.


Atlanta, GA – Nothing says summer like a Bar-B-Que for a safety party!


Fort Worth, TX – Pizza, homemade cookies and gift cards were appreciated by the workers.


Columbus, GA – “HYDRATE!” A great theme and important reminder during these hot days of summer.  Workers were treated to homemade blueberry muffins and fruit.


Doraville, GA – Nothing says “Thank You” like Sloppy Joe’s!


Nashville, TN – “Grill out, Chill out” was this team’s theme.


Charleston, SC – This team focused on staying hydrated and healthy out in the heat.  They were joined by a customer from the Mt. Holly Project!


Brunswick, GA – Another “Stay Hydrated” theme with subs, pizza, chips, cookies and ice cold drinks.


Greensboro, NC – this team had a “Southern Style Safety Party Cookout” with Cory on the grill.


Savannah, GA – Starting the day off with fresh Krispy Kreme donuts and ice cold juices was very much appreciated by the workers.


Jacksonville, FL – “Something Tasty for Working Safely” – Deli sandwiches, potato salad, chips and cold drinks.


Greenville, NC – #SZ4L!  This team embraced a new company wide marketing plan with Staff Zone for Life tattoos for their safety party.  They also brought in employees of the bank next door who brought donuts for the guys and helped the workers with banking and credit.  Sounds like more than just a party!!  Sounds like a community helping each other.


Richmond, VA – Team Richmond enjoyed showing their appreciation to our hard workers, especially this time of year with the heat.


Birmingham, AL – “Red, White & Blue: Quarter 2!” was the theme for this party that included a secret recipe for smoked pork butts.  One of the workers received a bike with a lock and two others received Home Depot gift cards and another received his own work boots.


Denver, CO – With James on the grill, Team Denver served up hot dogs and hamburgers that were so delicious, the guys were more interested in eating than getting their checks!


Marietta, GA – A full day of treats!  The workers were sent off with water, Sunny D, chips and fruit in the morning and returned to hot dogs, hamburgers and chips!


Columbia, SC – These workers enjoyed heading to work with a full belly!



2016 FIRST QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES (click on pictures for full images)

Brunswick, Ga – “Safety is not an Accident”, a great message served with fried chicken, wings, mac & cheese, cole slaw, cookies and drinks.


Birmingham, AL – Homemade broccoli cheese casserole, potato casserole, a smoked pork butt and specially made decorations went a long way to make this a great party for our workers.  The party was attended by an appreciated and impressed client.


Charleston 2, SC – Homemade chicken bog, toasted garlic bread and chocolate yummies have the workers anxious for the next party!


Doraville, GA – Hot dogs, chips, soda, cookies, drinks and a sweet treat bag were part of the party for Team Doraville where “Team Work is Dream Work!”


Charleston, SC – Great weather was perfect for this Luau Party, complete with great food, music, relaxation and fun, as well as prizes for safe worker, team player and employee of the month.


Nashville, TN – “Spring into Safety” was the perfect theme for a picnic lunch.


Richmond, VA – The “wow” look on these appreciated workers faces made this safety party a great success.  


Austin, TX – “Wake up to Safety!!”

Raleigh, NC – 300 hot dogs!  Wow!  


August, GA – Hot dogs fresh off the grill!


Savannah, GA – “Hit a Home Run for Safety” was a perfect theme for a good ole American Hot Dog feast.


Greenville, NC – Big Kahuna Safety Luau was complete with Hawaiian pizza, chips, fruit, coconut cookies and Hawaiian punch!  And don’t forget the grass skirts!!


Atlanta, GA – As the temperatures are heating up, “STAY HYDRATED” was a good message.  These workers were treated to a Brown Bag Breaky with fruit, water, muffins and honey buns.


Columbia, SC – Pizza, cookies, drinks and a pair of boots to the most dedicated workers let them all know how much they are appreciated.


Orlando, FL – “Spring into Safety” BBQ


Fort Worth, TX – 156 day accident free!  This was celebrated with hot dogs, nachos and drinks as well as a    7-Eleven gift card raffle.


Charlotte, NC – “Let’s Make Safety a Slam Dunk!”.  Celebrating the basketball playoffs, Team Charlotte did a safety party with Charlotte Hornets team colors.


Greensboro, NC – Spring Theme was a nice touch with flowers and scented candles.


Columbus, GA – “Home Run for Safety” was an all day party with hot dogs, chips, chili and many games of wiffle ball.


Tampa, FL –  This branch is HOT, HOT HOT!



2015 FOURTH QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)

Atlanta, GA  – Breakfast, a great way to start the day.


August, GA – Bagel and pastries for all!


Austin, TX – “Safety Begins with You” was the pizza party theme.


Charleston 2, SC – Rebecca’s good cooking skills were once again a treat for the workers with homemade asian spice meatballs and chicken salad sandwiches. 


Charleston, SC – Baked spaghetti with salad and rolls, along with a personal invitation to the workers with a special thank you.


Brunswick, GA – Pizza Party!


Charlotte, NC – Starting the day off right with fruit, granola bars and donuts.


Columbia, SC – Bo Berry Biscuits and bananas to start the day!



Columbus, GA – “Safety is Key” was the theme while enjoying BBQ sandwiches, chips and treats.


Denver, CO – Pizza time


Doraville, GA – Pizza party with safety questions and hand warmers to all.


Fort Worth, TX – Slow smoked brisket tacos, cowboy beans and egg salad – Yum!!


Greensboro, NC – Workers were treated to beef stew, Cory’s famous homemade chili and grilled chicken legs with all the fixings.


Greenville, SC – Great success for their first safety party!  Complete with homemade chili, cornbread and pastries.  The workers said they’ll work for us from now on because they are appreciated and respected.


Jacksonville, FL – Celebrating 143 days accident free!  Team Jacksonville created a danger zone in the office and the team was very creative with construction zone themed desserts.  Van Driver, Ted, was the grill master wearing his PPE as an example to all.  Fun!


Marietta, GA – A healthy and warm morning send off for these workers


Nashville, TN – A chili cook-off, Super Bowl themed party.


Orlando – Full, HOT breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, sausage rolls, hash brown casserole and bread pudding.


Richmond, VA – Pizza party and a banner made the workers feel appreciated.


Savannah, GA – Mardi Gras themed party with spaghetti and a special guest, the safety director of Choate Construction, who presented a long time employee with a Choate jacket and goodie bag.


Tampa, FL – “Under the Florida Sun, Make Safety Priority Number One!”  Workers were treated to a cookout in the great Florida weather.



2015 THIRD QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)


Jacksonville, FL – A much appreciated cookout.


Tampa, FL – Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, biscuits, jalepeno bombers, rice, cole slaw and homemade brownies, along with raffled gift cards made it a great party for these workers.


Dallas, TX – Rain, rain go away!  A planned cookout turned into a pizza party due to the weather, but nonetheless, a good time was had by all.


Orlando, FL – Halloween Safety party complete with chili, mexican lasagna, pepperoni bread, cake, brownies and candy.



Richmond, VA – Pizza Party!


Columbus, GA – “Touchdown for Safety” breakfast party


Augusta, GA – “Fall for Safety” Pizza Party


Columbia, SC – Breakfast casseroles and muffins, a great start to the day


Atlanta, GA – Fruit, pastries, cinnamon rolls, coffee, juice, cooked sausage and hash browns energized and motivated this safe team


Nashville, TN – Breakfast Time!  Donuts, granola bars, fruit, coffee and orange juice


Savannah, GA – Homemade chili, with sour cream, oyster crackers, fritos and cheese 


Austin, TX – Happy Workers!


Greensboro, NC – A fall theme complete with homemade chili and all the fixings and grilled chicken legs, cookies and cake.


Raleigh, NC – “Fall is here, so stay in the clear”


Brunswick, GA – Subs, chips and cookies!


Marietta, GA – Lots to choose from with hamburgers, hot dogs, and chili


Charleston, SC (Remount Road) – Pizza party in the Fall


Charleston, SC (Dorchester Road) – White bean chicken chili, chips and cornbread made this party a hit



2015 SECOND QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)

Nashville, TN – A cookout with nice cold watermelon.


Dallas, TX – Grilled Burgers 


Columbus, GA – Staying hydrated is a must!  Donuts and juices for a great start to the day.


Marietta, GA – Cookout!



Richmond, VA – “If it’s not safe, DON’T do it.  Call the office.”  Company motto drilled in with a cookout.



Raleigh, NC – The workers were given breakfast to start the day and plenty to take along for an afternoon snack.


Brunswick, GA – Donuts, bagels fresh fruit, coffee and OJ to start the day



Atlanta, GA – Wings, wings and more wings!  Fun, fun and more fun!


Charleston, SC – “Y’all treat your workers better than anyone else!” said a worker at this safety party, knowing how appreciated he was.  Wow!  That says a lot.  Great job team Charleston!!!



Austin, TX – More than just pizza, Team Austin made it a true party with a cake walk and door prizes.


Savannah, GA – Ice Cream Party!  Workers were treated to a good old fashioned ice cream party, complete with all the toppings anyone could want, to combat the hot, hot days of summer.



Doraville, GA – Nachos!!  


Orlando, FL – Fried chicken, green beans, macaroni and cheese, potato and pasta salads and dessert.  A true Safety Feast!


Greensboro, NC – An awesome cookout, but sometimes it’s more about quality time.  The workers and staff enjoyed the dinner and time spent together. 




2015 FIRST QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)

Dallas, TX – Great start to the day!


Columbus, GA – Safety Breakfast!


Jacksonville, FL – Pizza, soda and safety discussions.


Charlotte, NC – Chili and all the fixings! 


Columbia, SC – “Delivering Safety in the Midlands”  Pizza party with cookies and drinks.


Richmond, VA –  A great day for a cookout!  Sunny and 68.  


Raleigh, NC – Cookout Time!


Brunswick, GA – Pizza and cookies – a crowd favorite in Brunswick!



Atlanta, GA – Morning party with doughnuts, coffee and OJ to start of the day.


Charleston, SC – A special Safety Party tribute to Robert Moore, a longtime, valued Staff Zone family member who passed away.  Robert was a Navy veteran and New England Patriots fan.  Notice the decorations in his honor.


Austin, TX – Hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone!


Savannah, GA – Pizza party!


Tampa, FL – Cookout in Florida complete with homemade mac & cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and cookies.


Fort Worth, TX – Say “si” to Safety!  A Mexican theme complete with beef and chicken enchilada casseroles with beans and rice.  


Doraville, GA – Hot dogs, chips and brownies – a crowd favorite!


Orlando, FL – Hot pizza, cold drinks, cookies and workers saying “GREAT to feel appreciated.”  That’s what it’s all about!


Greensboro, NC – Warm spring weather was perfect for a cookout.  The workers enjoyed burgers and dogs and all the fixin’s.  “That’s how a burger should be done” was the sentiment. 



2014 FOURTH QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)


Raleigh, NC – Homemade Chili for the 3rd Annual Chili Throw Down.


Savannah, GA – Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, baked beans and banana pound cake.  Sounds delicious!


Nashville, TN – Valentine’s themed party.  The workers hung a balloon saying what they would give their hearts for.  It’s clear Staff Zone cares for our workers.


Fort Worth, TX – “Accidents bring tears, while safety brings cheers!”  Baked chicken alfredo and spaghetti.


Charlotte, NC – The workers were pleasantly surprised with a hardy breakfast to start the day!


Dallas, TX – “We Heart Safety”


Columbus, GA – “Chance takers are accident makers”.  All food and desserts were homemade by the wonderful staff in this office.


Brunswick, GA – The safe workers enjoyed their favorite – pizza!


Doraville, GA – Four different types of chili, all made by the branch staff to show their appreciation of our workers.


Columbia, SC – “This is why we love Staff Zone” said one happy worker!  


Jacksonville, FL – Fun time, smiling workers and full bellies!


Greensboro, NC – Cory made his secret recipe chili and vegetable soup.  “Mmmmmmm” was a popular response when eating it.  


Atlanta, GA – Can’t go wrong in the south with Fried Chicken!



Richmond, VA – Hot spaghetti, salad and rolls hit the spot!


Charleston, SC – Clara and Alysha cooked 80 pounds of lasagna!  Yummmy!


Orlando, FL – “Falling objects can be brutal if you don’t protect your noodle!”  Spaghetti with meatballs, garlic break and brownies reinforced that safety saying.  Very creative!




2014 THIRD QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)

Greensboro, NC – They fired up the grill for some grilled chicken, had two different kinds of chili with all the fixins, chips, bottled water, and some Little Debbie desserts!  Yum!



Savannah, GA – STAY ALERT DONT GET HURT!  Pizza party!



Columbia, SC – They packed bag lunches for all of their guys to take with them to their job sites.  They had cold cut sandwiches, chips, and cookies in bags for all the guys and coolers with water and Gatorade for them to take with them.  Their slogan was “safety shoes to house your toes, safety glasses on your nose.”


Charlotte, NC – DON’T LET SAFETY SCARE YOU!!!!!!  Charlotte served Sloppy Joes, chips, candy, nuts, and water


Richmond, VA – Pizza Party!!


Dallas, TX -” Safety first, because injuries last.”  Pizza party with raffle prizes!


Doraville, GA – Celebrated safety with Chili, Queso Dip, Fritos, Rice, Nacho Chips, Cookies, Cake, and Gatorade



Raleigh, NC – celebrated with homemade backed spaghetti and tossed salad, bread, cookies and drinks.


Atlanta, GA – Breakfast is served!  Doughnuts, Coffee and Sunny D.  Atlanta also recognized two of its worker, Larry Davis and Darryl Stamey, for being with Staff Zone over 5yrs with no accidents and no write ups!  Great Job!


Brunsiwck, GA – Pizza Party! 



Nashville, TN – Pizza party with a clever slogan, “Don’t encounter the horror, Never cut corners…Work Safe!”



Jacksonville, FL – Celebrated safety with a cookout and an appropriate slogan – “Just because it’s AUTUMN, doesn’t mean you have to FALL!”


Orlando, FL – “All in Favor of Safety Glasses Say “Eye”!


Columbus, GA – They celebrated safety with sweet rolls, blueberry muffins and juice. They also made everyone  a bag lunch to go that included sandwich, chips and their choice of powerade or water.



Charleston, SC – Pizza Party!



2014 SECOND QUARTER SAFETY PARTIES  (click on pictures for full images)

Atlanta, GA – Pizza Party!!


Charlotte, NC – Healthy snacks and an emphasis on keeping hydrated!




Fort Worth, TX – Pizza party with great prizes.



Austin, TX – Keepin’ it weird in Austin with BBQ hamburgers and all the fixins!



Dallas, TX – A cookout and good fellowship celebrating safety.



Nashville, TN – Pizza party and a catchy slogan!  “A (hat) on your head keeps you from being (dead)”



Raleigh, NC – You can never go wrong with pizza!



Greensboro, NC – Cookout Fun!!



Brunswick, GA – Pizza and a personal thanks for keeping the safety of themselves and their coworkers was served in Brunswick.



Jacksonville, FL – Good Morning Florida!  Dunkin Donuts and OJ were served to celebrate zero accidents and zero van driver incidents.



Columbus, GA – Donuts, coffee and pastries and lots of gratitude greeted the safe troops.



Savannah, GA – The “HOT” light was on as the safe workers were served hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which they chose over anything else!



Columbia, SC – “When the weather is hot and the sun is hotter, don’t be a fool!  Drink some water!”  Perfect slogan for these hot summer days.  Over 100 pancakes and 120 sausage links were served up to thank the workers for their safety and get them started on a great day.  



Richmond, VA – A delicious cookout!





Jacksonville, FL – Team Jacksonville finished the first quarter with zero accidents and all drivers achieving safe driving bonuses!  They celebrated with a cookout.


Charleston, SC – Pizza, sodas and cookies for everyone!


Austin, TX – Party Safe!  Pizza for Austin’s safe-hard working employees.


Brunswick, GA – Pizza was the choice!


Raleigh, NC – These safe workers started off their day with hot and fresh sausage and egg biscuits.


Dallas, TX – “Chef” Oscar grilled hamburgers and hotdogs to show Team Dallas’ appreciation of their safe workers.



Greensboro, NC – Grillmaster Cory cooked up a traditional summer cookout fare to shake off the cold winter.


Richmond, VA – Safe workers were treated to chicken bog, bread, cookies and drinks.


Fort Worth, TX – “Use Your Noodles, Be Safe”.  This was Fort Worth’s message, supported with homemade spaghetti and meat sauce.  Yum!


Savannah, GA – “Hot & Ready”.  Savannah’s safe workers were treated to hot and fresh Krispy Kreme donuts to get their day started.


Columbia, SC – Bojangles and Krispy Kreme!  A delicious morning start for these safe workers.


Charlotte, NC – “Rise and Shine!”.  Charlotte’s safe workers started their day off on a bright note with breakfast.


Columbus, GA – “Hop on Board the Safety Train” was the theme in Columbus with hot pizza and treat filled bags of easter candy and peeps.


Doraville, GA – Safety celebrated with hot dogs, chili, chips and all the fixings.